French Nanny’s tips in « ICI LONDRES »

ICI LONDRES, the famous French-Londoner magazine asked some advices to French Nanny Agency about the Maternity Nurse services this month.

You can find the whole article in the March issue with everything you need to know about this practice that you don’t enough hear about: what is the job of a maternity nurse? How the help of such a newborn expert nanny could be really useful at your childbirth? What is the process to have recourse to the services of a maternity nurse in London? And finally, what is the budget estimates to engage newborn expert french nanny services in London?

Don’t wait to be about giving birth to plane your childbirth under the best possible conditions with thanks to the help of a maternity nurse!

If you need any further information please don’t hesitate to contact our French Nanny Team which would be glad to help you in looking for a qualified maternity nurse to assist before, during and after your childbirth.

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