Make your own crown for Epiphany!

Start 2014 freshly enjoying the day of the kings with your children. The tradition is eating the King Cake with your family. What a great time to get together again! But in order to have kings and queens, we need crowns! To get your children involved, what about creating your own crown with them? Here is a simple way to make them. What you need:

  • one piece of colored paper
  • stickers
  • scissors
  • glue
  • a white pencil

How to make your own crown:

  • bend the piece of paper in half
  • draw a crown shape with the white pencil
  • cut the crown
  • put together the two parts to create one long piece of paper
  • decorate your crown using the stickers
  • close the crown adjusting it on your child’s head

Et voila !