Tips on how to manage toys safety at home for Christmas

Ensure that the toy you are planning to buy is age-appropriate for your child.  You should also be really careful and watch out for when the younger ones are close to your older children’s toys, as it could be hazardous to them, especially if they contain smaller pieces.

Keep batteries out of reach. Batteries are choking hazards, and can cause serious damage to the children’s throat if swallowed by accident, in just two hours, causing severe injury.

If you plan to give a riding toy, such as a scooter, skateboard, in-line skates or bicycle, remember that the gift is never complete without a helmet and appropriate protective gear.

Teach children to put toys away after playing to help prevent risks of falling over them.  Make sure toys for older children are kept out of reach of younger children.

Make sure toys are in a good shape and not broken, as a broken toy can have sharper edges or part poking out, which could lead to cuts and bruises.

You should actively supervise children playing with any toy that has small parts no. This means always having the child in sight, within reach and giving them your full attention.

Have a happy Christmas !

French Nanny London Team