A few tips on the activities to organize with the children in the snow

activities for children in the snowYour holiday with the family in the snow is fast approaching and you are starting to feel the apprehension of organizing your days to spend with the kids. While for the older ones skiing will definitely be the main focus, finding the right activities for babies and toddlers to keep them entertained can actually be harder.

The snow, on its own, is a real discovery for your little one and provides a great source of happiness and hours of entertainment. Do not hesitate to take your younger ones out in the snow : wrapped up warm, they will be at ease and will have endless fun discovering the texture of the snow with their little mittens, crawling in the snow and leaving a trail behind them, or even watching snow falling from trees.

Let’s not forget the making of a traditional snowman, which never fails to amaze children, especially when it is starting to take shape. Or even an igloo and snow castles, which are not only reserved for the sand on a beach!

For the parents and children who seek more thrills in the snow, a tour of the hills on a sledge can also liven up an afternoon at the ski, either for a long walk in the woods or down the slopes accompanied by mum or dad.