Ten characteristics super nannies share!

Even if each nanny has her own personality, great nannies have certain things in common.

  1. They truly love spending time with children. It seems obvious to say but it is fundamental. Impossible to be a good nanny without liking children.
  2. They understand children. Knowing the child’s physical, social and intellectual development comes essentially from a long experience. It is a truly help to have a good understanding of each child’s need.
  3. They are problem-solvers. Every day is different and the perfect nanny knows how to solve day to day issue without involving the parents each time.
  4. They are happy. Laughing with children is a central part in their development. Happy children become happy adults !
  5. They are committed to doing an amazing job. Great nannies take their jobs very seriously as they recognize the huge impact they have on the children they care.
  6. They are resourceful. As a nanny spends most of the day alone with your children, she has to be autonomous and create activities for children.
  7. They are flexible. As the children grow up, their needs may change. In that context, flexibility is a key a central quality.
  8. They can say “no” to children. A nanny takes a huge part in the children’s education. One thing they need to teach them from the early age is the meaning of “no”.
  9. They are dynamic. Being a nanny implied to always be at the top. That is why a great nanny has to be dynamic to follow children’s activities all the day long.
  10. They have a strong moral compass. As they take part in the moral education of the children, they have to be able to explain to your children main concepts such as integrity, loyalty and sharing.