Why a French speaking nanny ?

Having a French speaking nanny is a great opportunity for your children to discover French culture through reading, playing, cooking, singing… And eventually your little ones will master the languages of both Shakespeare and Moliere!

Growing up in a multi-cultural environment

In London, French is spoken by over 15,000 school children and remains the language most often studied at A-level. It is also the fourth spoken language in London

A child in contact with a second culture such as French expands his sense of diversity and acceptance of cultural differences. He will become more flexible, open minded, and will carry all these qualities to adulthood

Being bilingual at an early age

All the experts agree: the younger a child is, the more adaptable and responsive he is to learn new things. Based on this fact, it is highly recommended for children to learn a foreign language

A child has the ability to learn and pick up on accents more easily. Therefore, they will be more confident and comfortable with a foreign language and would become bilingual easier

Hearing different sounds will stimulate their curiosity and improve their learning skills

Several studies show that switching from one language to another from an early age will actually develop their abilities to analyze and memorize better