For Parents

French Nanny, the only agency exclusively dedicated to placing French speaking nannies

The French culture is rich and can be the foundation for the education and development of your children. They will be delighted to discover French culture through cooking, singing and playing with their French nannies and eventually mastering the languages of both Shakespeare and Moliere!

French Nanny is the only agency in London exclusively dedicated to placing French speaking nannies with families.  We are completely convinced about the outstanding benefit for your children of growing up in a multi-cultural environment, and this is why we have decided to specialise in recruiting qualified and experienced nannies, mainly from France.

Who is French-Nanny suitable for?

  • British families with a keen interest in French culture, not necessarily French-speaking, but who would like their children to master the French language from an early age.
  • Mixed families eager to provide a multicultural education for their children. A French speaking nanny would help develop their interest in French culture and language.
  • French families living in London who are keen to ensure that their children cultivate a strong link with French culture and language.