Practical information


The salary of a nanny depends on the candidates’ experience and the positions offered by the families. Here is an idea of the current market:

  • For a nanny live-in full-time: between £350 to £450 net per week
  • For a nanny live-in part-time: between £200 to £300 net per week
  • For a nanny live-out full time: between £10 to £12 net per hour
  • For a nanny live-out part time: between £11 to £13 net per hour

In the UK, State taxes are paid directly by the employer.



Flat/house sharing is a very common thing in London. The following websites are commonly used by house hunters and are a good place to start your research: ; and

Health protection

Every resident is covered for free by the National Health Service (“NHS”) (“Securité sociale” in France).

When you arrive in London, you need to register in a GP centre. Please check the link below to find your closest one:

National Insurance Number

To work in UK you need a NIN (National Insurance Number) but you can only apply for it after arriving in London. After a simple phone call at 0800 141 2075, you will have an appointment at the closest job center.

You will need to provide:

  • Passport or identity card
  • Carte vitale (to get your French social security number)
  • Proof of address