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Dietary diversification for children between 1 to 3 years old !

From one year old, children are trying to eat the same things as adults but which type of food is allowed for children to eat at this age ? First of all, children between 1 to 3 years old need four meals per day: the breakfast, the […]

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How to protect children from the sunburn ?

A sunburn is not the best souvenir we have from the summer but is the easiest one children can bring back if we don’t pay attention. We have to always make sure the youngest are protected since, as we all know, sun can do real damages. But […]

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How to manage children tantrum ?

Who never had to deal with a proper tantrum in the street or in the supermarket?  Yes, let’s say it, it is every French speaking nannies‘s nightmare. You probably already have your own way to manage it but do you know every little tricks? If you are […]

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What to do with children during a 3 days bank holiday weekend ?

This weekend will be longer than usual thanks to Monday bank holiday and luckily the sun will be shining!!!!! French nannies or parents you have to catch this occasion to organise activities with you little ones. Have a look on the nicest kids activities proposed by London […]

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How to be a greener parent !

As French speaking nannies or parents we are examples for children. They are discovering the world as we show them. Our friend the nature needs helps today. It is why we are very concerned about ecology. If you desired to be planet lover’s example for your kids […]

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How to thank your child’s teacher

Monday to Friday our little ones older enough to go to school are in the kindly hands of school teachers. They are part of the parents/nannies team and devoid their career to children. They have your children interest in mind every day. We all have a favorite […]

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How and where to celebrate Easter with children !

Easter is coming very soon and your children (or the children you are taking care of) may be dying now to see the Easter bunny going out of his hole and distribute the delicious chocolates. This celebration holiday is a perfect moment to enjoy a lot of […]

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How to improve Homework’s time !

After school comes homework’s time and it is not the favorite moment of your children or the children you are in charge of. So how can you make it more productive and not lasting hours ? This moment is important for them and their studies, it can […]

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How to travel in the best conditions with your kids ?

Holidays, weekends or short family vacations often mean travels. By boat, car or plane you have to organize the trip. And as parents or nanny you also have to manage the children at the same time. Travels can be exhausting for your body and your nerves, but […]

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How to make your children love vegetables ?

Carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes (…) are not the best friends of your children ? Don’t worry, you are not an exception. Do you remember the cartoon “Inside Out” and how Disgust reacts to brocoli ? These (and plenty of other) vegetables have indeed a bad reputation in children […]

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