Rita has not the typical French speaking nanny’s profile.

Indeed, she just settled in London from Hungary where she has been a French teacher for more than 10 years : she is a lover of the French language and culture and is deeply concerned to pass it on to her pupils, her children (she is the mother of two grown up) and of course to the children she is taking care of.

Having worked as an au-Pair when she was younger, with her maternity leave and having helped a family with its newborn baby girl, she is fully competent to take care of children all age. More than that, you quickly realise that she will offer a loving and stimulating environment to any child. As any good teacher, she is always reaching for the awakening of a mind, starting by her own (she is currently following psychological studies and is keen to start improving her level of English).


Rita is a true passionate : of France, of children but also of life ! When you met her, her « joie de vivre » will overwhelm you and you can’t help wondering where she gets her energy and happiness. But Rita is not miserly and she can’t wait to share them with your children !

She is looking for a full-time live-out position.