Mother of 5 children, Nathalie knows children like no one else. Before entering into motherhood, she was an air hostess and travelled the world. But when her children all left the house and she asked herself what to do with her spare time, it is all naturally that the idea of nannying came into her mind. Indeed, her love for children and her ability to take care of them from their birth to their teenage years make her the perfect help for parents. Dynamism never left her, after her children, she has been the nanny for a family of 3 children. Now, she looks forward to share the buzzing Londonian life with children, taking them to cultural activities (she loves to introduce opera and theater arts to them) but also sportives activities. Fan and good player of golf she would love to teach your children how to play it. This French speaking nanny speaks also a very good English and knows how to drive on the left side of the road as she lived in Australia for 2 years, she is then ready for London !

She is looking for a live in full time nanny position.