Despite her young age, Claire is a committed and mature French speaking nanny. Indeed, in addition to her different experiences with children (babysittings, summer camp and recreation centre), she also has the tenacity and rigour of any good musician (she has a traverse flute degree). The children will then enjoy her fun side (holding a BAFA, she gave us a lots of examples of her ideas) and the parents will be reinsured by her seriousness in her work. 

Her experiences with children between 3 to 10 years old were the time she was feeling the most useful: she has loved watching the children changing and learning by the days. For her, being a nanny is a complete job: you must be able to reassure, protect, share and communicate with children.

She arrived in London to improve her level of English and has already started English lessons and a position that allows her to have a another part-time position. 

She is then looking for an After-school position.