Amina is a playful French speaking nanny. She started working with children by doing babysitting at the age of 11 and started as a nanny two years ago in the United States. During her experiences, she was able to work with children from 4 months old to 12 years old, with twins, with handicapped children, with children in difficult family situation (placed by a judge), she can adapt then to any child in any familial situation. Thanks to all her experiences, she is entirely confident taking care of children, indeed she took every opportunity to develop her maturity and efficiency in her job. She does see herself long term in London and always working with children (for her, being nanny is an exceptional job that doesn’t feel like a job, you have the responsibilities but it is also rewarding and fun).

She is able to offer various activities to children such as outdoor activities: playground, zoo, park, walk; dance, music, read, meet new kids (socializing is very important for her), paint, cook, art craft…

She has her driving licence.

She is looking for a Live out Full time position.