The Survival Guide For Specially-Abled Kids

We are always happy to read comments giving us feedback on our blog. We write these articles to give help and advices and it is nice to see they speak to many of you. 

Following our article on “how to prepare to parenthood when you have a disability” (, we received a very nice answer from Joe and are pleased to share his view on the subject. 

In this very interesting and clear article, the author speaks directly to the children with special needs. Some children you are taking care of, as a parent or a French-speaking nanny, might be too young to read it but, as the person responsible for their well-being, development and happiness, we are sure you will find in it a comprehension of what they might be going though. It will help you not only to understand them but you can also draw on it for advices on how to speak to them, to reinsure them in their abilities or just to give them confidence. Indeed, this positive article pushes the reader to a more independent, active and happy life. 

A very good guide then to read on the following link:

Picture credit : Pixabay