Live-out Part time position in St John’s Wood – £12net/h

Live-out Part time position in St John’s Wood – £12net/h

A sweet little boy of 3 years old is looking for his French speaking nanny to share his games and laughs.

It will be an after-school position 3.30pm to 7pm, Monday to Friday (+ 2 babysittings) during term time and a full time position during his school holidays, from 8.30am to 6.30pm (no babysitting when full time).

The family is looking for someone mature and experienced, who will bring stability to the little boy.

Indeed this cutie arrived in London only 2 months ago and doesn’t speak a word of English yet. His mum will also go back to work full time, that she didn’t do the past year. Lots of change…

If you are looking for a great family where you can stay 2 years, and wants to focus on one child only, develop a strong relationship with both parents and child, this job is made for you!

Required level of English : Intermediate

Starting date: Mid-January 2019 for a long term contract

Location: St John’s wood – London

Salary: £386net/week => £1675net/month (salaire lissé sur l’année avec les vacances scolaires)