Children and screen !

Nowadays, digital media are more and more used and present all around the world; but is it very good for children?

For a lots of pediatrics, digital exposure for children should be limited :

  • For children between two to five years old to one hour per day;
  • For children aged of 6 years and older, the time spending on digital medias should be limited by parents (as it depends on the child and on the family).
  • and the most vulnerable of them all : babies should not be exposed at all to any digital media.

Indeed, being always on digital medias can triggered lots of disorders for your little ones: they can stop looking at you when you speak, stop communicating, speaking, will not open themselves to others and can become either very agitated or very passive!

If you want to know more about it, do not hesitate to check the following link that we selected for you: