How to protect your children image on internet ?

Taking a picture of our children having a funny or cute moment is always pleasant and usually we can’t wait to share this moment we caught on camera with our family and friends. Indeed, it has become the quickest way to share and update our dear ones on our family. But careful, once it is on internet it can go anywhere and for a long time. Your child for example might not like the picture when he/she will be older but won’t be able to erase it completely from the internet and also, anyone obviously can have access to these pictures and videos. That is why, as a French speaking nanny, you should never publish the pictures of the children you are in charge of without the prior agreement of the parents.

And for you, parents, don’t worry, there are rules and astuteness you can follow and use to share picture of your kids peacefully.

Check out this short video from BBC (Family and Education Channel) below :