KORU KIDS: the easiest way to arrange nanny share between families

When looking for a French speaking nanny to take care of your children, have you ever thought, as parents, about a nanny share? If you already have, you might have struggled finding another family (geographically close to your home and with the same criteria) but also organizing details and finally given up the idea. Do not worry anymore because Koru Kids is here to help you and, thanks to them, finding another family for a nanny share has never been so easy.

What is Koru Kids?

Founded by Rachel Carrell, Koru Kids is an agency specialized in arranging nanny shares, whether a family already has a nanny or not. The team is composed of 4 members and they operate in Greater London, within the M25.

How does it work?

The Koru Kids team speaks to families who are interested in nanny share, in order to clarify their request. When each family’s search criteria are defined, Koru Kids will tell them about other families that are compatible and close to their home. Then, they will introduce the families so they can meet and discuss the details.

I am interested, where can I have more information?

You can directly find more information on Koru Kids’ website: http://www.korukids.co.uk/ or by contacting them either by mail, on support@korukids.co.uk, or by phone, on 0203 808 8031.