Origamis, a stimulating activity for children


Which child never stay amazed in front of these beautiful paper-made geese wishing to be able to do them? This art, which comes from Japan, is called ‘origami’ and means the art of paper folding. It is a relaxing activity that involves patience and dexterity. Though it may seem, at first sight, that it is too complex for children, many origamis are actually simple and easy-to-make, even for beginners. Thus, it could be, for you and your French speaking nanny, a great activity to make with children! Besides, origami is a perfect activity to develop children’s skills. Indeed, by using both imagination and intelligence, origamis are excellent to stimulate children. These little pieces of paper will become children’s new toys. Children and you will certainly enjoy doing colorful origamis and your littles one will surely be proud to expose their new creation in the house.

Check out the link below to find ideas of origami creations to do with children: