Tips for Getting Kids To Clean Their Rooms


For you parent or for your French speaking Nanny it can be challenging to keep things clean and tidy, especially when you’ve got young children at home but it’s not impossible. In fact, we may have find a solution for you.

Let’s check together some tips for getting kids to clean their rooms  :

Tips for Improving the Situation — At Least a Little

  • Set a good example. (It’s always the first step.) Kids are far more sensitive and responsive to what we do than what we say. Do you take pride in your home? Keep your own things in order? Have a positive attitude toward the daily tasks of keeping house? If the answer is yes, you’ve won half the battle. Kids take in what we do through the pores of their skin. What you do normally is what they come to see as normal and expected.
  • Give the kids pride of place. Kids who feel their space is specially their own (whether a whole room or a corner or a shelf) are more likely to want to keep it nice. Find ways to give them some control over how their space looks and where things are kept. It’s not expensive to let them rearrange the furniture or to paint a shelf, or to buy some new sheets. They can decorate boxes to organize their stuff and choose or make pictures for the wall.

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