Feeding issues in babies

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We received an email from a French speaking nanny asking for tips regarding baby reflux. Indeed, bringing up milk after a feed is very common in babies. It’s known as reflux, posseting, or regurgitation. Some babies bring up a lot and others very little, but in general mild reflux in babies is perfectly normal. Reflux affects more than half of all babies under 12 months old and is more common in those under 6 months of age and before weaning. However, if you’re worried about how much feed your baby is bringing up, speak to your healthcare professional such as your GP, health visitor or public health nurse.

How to help babies with reflux ?

  • Feed your little one in an upright position
  • Hold them upright for about half an hour after a feed
  • Try smaller feeds, but more often
  • Burp them every 2-3 minutes during a feed.
  • If you’re bottle-feeding, check the hole in the teat isn’t too big, and speak to your GP, health visitor or public health nurse who may advise you to change to an anti-reflux formula; always check with them first