Live out full time position in share care

A lovely family living in Maida Vale is looking for a French speaker nanny to take care of her 18 months old baby girl. It is a live out part time position, in share care. The nanny will have to work 3 days (flexible) a week, plus 1 evening every 2 weeks. The perfect nanny will have to be organized and to take initiatives, she will also need to have strong experience with toddlers (potty training….)

Moreover the baby has small food issues so the nanny will have to help parents to find little tips to feed her and prepare attractive meals for her.
Salary: £12 net per hour.

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    Hello !
    I’m a 20 year-old french nanny. I’m a literature student and I’d like to pursue my studies to work in publishing dedicated to youth because, to me, kids are smart and they need to use their imagination by activities such as reading. That’s why I naturally thought of being a nanny at the same time as my studies.
    I took care of children from 3 months to 5 years old and I’m leaving the two cute kids I’m currently playing with (a boy who is 5 and his sister aged 11 months) to come in London and meet new families !
    I’d like to take care of your daughter and I think I could be the right person to take care of her because I’ve always had a great contact with kids and I know that they need from us, adults, to be patient and understanding and that they love to go out to discover the world.
    I’m also interested in food, mostly because i’m allergic to many things and I know how necessary it is to cook healthy -and tasty!- meals. I too had to deal with food issues with my 15 months nephew, who finally likes green since he discovered them in my smoothies!
    Also, I think it’s better for children to evolve in a clean space, I’m able to tidy your daughter spaces and help to clean the house.
    To conclude, I would add that I’m a ponctual person, always motivated to go out for a walk, who loves to play with children and to create new games !

    If my profile fits you, feel free to contact me and ask me a CV ! Anyway, thank you for reading me and I hope, you’ll find the right nanny for your girl!


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