French Nanny – Live-Out/Full Time – Battersea/The Thames (SW11) – JUNE

This Austrian/Swiss family living in London with a young 3 years-old girl and her 4,5 years-old brother needs a French Nanny to take care of the children maintaining and stimulating their multicultural environment. In full time (between 45 and 60 hours per week), you will be expected to look after the children from the breakfast to the after school and doing a few household chores like tiding up their rooms. We are specifically looking for a young French Nanny in her twenties – thirties, able to speak English (not bilingual required) and to travel in New York with the family (sharing the hotel room with children) during holidays.

Christmas holidays availability required

Further details required agreement between the french nanny and the family.

Salary: £10/h NET
Contact us on the 0203 445 0266 to discuss about this fantastic offer today!
French Nanny London Team