Celebrating the month of Love

As soon as we hit February, all the shops and streets dressed up in red to welcome the month of Love. Although people have always showed mixed feelings over celebrating love only for Valentine’s day, February still gives us all a little bit of giddiness over taking a moment out of our busy schedules and routine to get ready for sharing an evening all themed around love with our special one.

We all know how parents often find themselves putting their relationship as a couple on the backbench and give 200% of their time to taking care of their children, due to the latter needing constant assistance and attention. We however believe that it is also important for a couple to keep their connection strong and help each other feel secure in their relationship, by  ensuring they work towards providing enough attention to each other.
During this month of Love, our french nannies have cleared their agendas and have given us their availability for next week during the evenings if you would need someone reliable and flexible to look after your precious little ones.

Call us today on the 0203 445 0266 to book one of our lovely nannies asap!

We hope you all have a lovely Valentine’s Day, whatever you plan to do during this week.

French Nanny London Team