Initiate your children to skiing!


If you are used to spend time in the mountains during winter, you might need to learn your children how to ski.


Here are some advice to give your children a good start in this sport:

  • Talk about it before: prepare your children to their journey. Tell them about moutains and snow sliding sports in details for them to imagine. That will prevent your children from being scared while being in contact with snow for the first time.
  • Give them the right equipment: your children need to wear warm and waterproof clothes. Also, they need to have good sized skis and shoes. That will put them in the best conditions to feel comfortable whil exploring this new sport. Moreover, don’t forget to give them casks in order to avoid bad experiences.
  • Respect their rythme: if your children are tired, listen to them. Skiing is a difficult sport, especially when being young!
  • Hydrate them well: while skiing, children will be in contact with the dry air of mountains and will therefore be subject to dehydration. Don’t forget to give them water and to anticipate and take cereal bars with you.
  • Be patient: if your children are difficult to convince, don’t insitst. Let them time to get used to the mountains. Do other activities with them such as snowmen, sledding or walks in the snow. If they want to ski, they will ask you
  • Ask professionals: if you are anxious to learn your children how to ski, plan them ski lessons. Ski teachers now how to deal with small children in a relaxed way. Also, they will be in touch with other children, which will make the lessons a moment of joy.