How to decorate your baby’s room in a safe and joyful way?

There are many details to deal with when you’re decorating your baby’s room. It needs to be safe as much as joyful.


Here are some tips to think of:

  • Crib: choose a bed which meets the current norms, and try not to object with strings on or over the bed. Also, it has to be very comfortable to please babies.
  • Light: keep all the lights or night lights away from flammable object. Also, try to get light which don’t make hot light.
  • Changing table: try to find a changing table with open shelves below. That will help you reach easily diapers and clothes, when changing the baby.
  • Windows: secure your windows in order for your children to not fall over.
  • Rocking chair: scientists say rocking chairs are very important in a baby environment. They help parents being physically in contact with their children, which they often need at this age. That is very important for their physical and mental development.
  • Walls: when painting your walls, try to choose colors other than black or white. Vivid colors, or even pastel colors will be good for your baby. Also, adding objects or hanging toys will visual stimulating for them.
  • Sounds: find a mobile to hang over your baby’s bed in order for him to sleep better and to be stimulated with music.