Seperation Anxiety: How to make it easier for your baby


As parents, you realise that as your baby starts to get clingy when you have to leave him, from the age of 9 months old : which is a sign that he is feeling a degree of separation anxiety. At this age, your baby is starting to realise that he loves you and that he is happy in your company. He is therefore naturally disturbed when you have to leave.

To facilitate the handover when you have to leave at night for example, ask your nanny to arrive a bit earlier for your baby to adapt smoothly for this transition. Then proceed with a quick goodbye by giving only one goodnight kiss to your baby, which will make the tears to stop quicker after you leave.

To help your child in becoming more independent, don’t be scared to let him wander away from you or to leave him on his own for a few minutes while you are in another room. He will then start to realise that it isn’t vital for you to be present at all times wherever he goes or whatever he does.

This step in a child’s development is important : he will gain the confidence in that even if you disappear for a while, you always come back soon enough to watch over him.