Tidying up his room


Tidying up is generally quite hard for children to integrate in their routine. Keeping things tidy can only be learnt and integrated through habit. During the first two years, a child finds this repetitive activity entertaining and looks like another logical way of playing with his toys.
It is only when the child hits three years old that keeping things tidy starts to look hard to do. He does not find any benefit in tidying up, while putting back his toys in their boxes, he stops and starts to play again while forgetting completely that he should have been sorting out his toys. We recommend that is at this moment that the parents should make him learn that all playtime should be followed by a tidy up where the toys go back to their respective boxes or shelf.
The establishment of rules and helping your child to follow them is all in all an early start in teaching him the norms in a family and how to behave in society.

French Nanny London team.