Sports: Which one to practice with your child?

It is not always easy for children to choose what sports they would like to practice on their own.
As parents, you could propose an activity adapted to his age and capabilities to help him get out of his comfort zone.
We have made a list of some of the most practiced sports by children :

Swimming : Introducing swimming as an activity at an early age is very recommended as it allows the child to gain confidence of being in water. Swimming is also accessible to children of all ages, and adaptable to all levels of fitness and capabilities, making it a fun activity to plan for if you have children of different ages.
Cycling : A child can start to cycle as soon as he turns 2-3 years old. At this age, the child has developed enough muscles and stability for this sports activity. Cycling is particularly beneficial as it helps to develop a child’s ability to coordinate his body movements and his mind, as he has to make the decision of where to guide his bicycle himself.
 Ice skating : This sports activity can be practiced from the age of 3, when they start to fit the ice skating shoes available for this activity. You can also choose roller skating which has the same sliding experience but with the benefit of being more practical for when you are out with your child in the local park, where he will be delighted to show you how he is improving every week.

Dancing : Rhythmic dance can be practiced from the age of 4. Practicing dance as a sport allows girls and boys to master the art of gracefully moving  their little self to a tune and developing their muscles and correcting their posture accordingly.