Grab your aprons !

It’s cooking time!

Cooking is a particularly fun activity for a child. At the beginning, cooking with a child demands a lot of patience. But soon enough, you start to enjoy these little shared moments and see how fun it is for both of you.

Cooking can be done at any age, the only thing to adapt is the amount of implication by the child to the activity depending on how old he is. For the younger ones, they particularly enjoy feeling the textures and tasting the different ingredients. They also enjoy watching you gettingthings ready to go in the oven, as well as listening to the sounds of saucepans knocking each other.  From the age of three, your child can take a more participative role in the preparation of a meal. He wont be ‘pretending’ anymore and will feel more valued by his new role.  While cooking, the child also learns the basics of counting, as he has to measure, weight and count ingredients.

So don’t wait any further, and make your kitchen a new fun place for you and your child !