Soaring nursery costs increases the demand for nannies in London

The costs of childcare are soaring every year as we watch, making a lot of parents wondering if it is at all worth it to put their children in nurseries on a full time basis.
The cost of putting your child in a nursery in London has risen by twice the rate of inflation, at 6%, compared to the 2.7% increase in inflation, which represents a whopping £11,000 per year. This increase, along with the long wait to secure a place in the preferred nursery, has lead to more parents withdrawing from enrolling their child in a nursery altogether and switch to hiring a nanny to look after their children in the comfort of their own home.
nursery costs
With the growing amount of playgroups and events popping at every street corner and localities, it is becoming easier to help your child develop his social skills and mingle with other children as they would have at a nursery, making the cost saving advantage even more attractive than it would have ten years ago, when nursery costs were 77% lower.
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