It’s Tea Time! : Why it is important for children

Tea time is very looked forward to by children. This afternoon snack is essential to add to a balanced diet adapted to a child’s need. Tea time should incorporate essential nutrients and calcium supply, whether from fresh fruits or healthy snack bars and dairy products. Tea time also benefits to afterschool  physical activities, giving a burst of energy to the child at the right time in the afternoon.
Although a snack for tea should be nutritious, it should also be appetising. A slice of bread with butter or jam, accompanied by a fruit and a glass of milk is a perfect healthy snack to offer to a child for tea. On the nutrition facts side, it should amount to  15% of the total daily calory intake, which is about 200 to 300 kcal depending on the age of the child.
And if once in a while you decide to go against the rules, do not hesitate to give a cupcake or a pain au chocolat to your child, who will enjoy it even more as a special afternoon treat !