Preparing for a trip

There is quite a difference in what an adult and a child feels when it’s time to go on a holiday. For a child, it means a change in setting and daily routine, and very often, this causes a level of stress, rather than feeling excited for the holiday.

Preparing for the change

– Keeping him informed by giving him details about the trip, for example: making him learn the name of the country or city you will be visiting, what new languages you will be hearing, how different the food is from your normal traditions, the culture and the people living in that particular place, and the local transport system and also about the currency used if it is in another country. Showing photos of the places you are planning to visit will help him to have a visual aspect on the trip and will make him feel more excited and look forward to going away on a holiday.

– Make him involved in the preparation for the trip by making him choose the clothes or toys he wants to take with him. It is fundamental for a child to have his everyday personal belongings and treasures with him when a change in setting is about to occur, as it will help in maintaining a level of reassurance and will comfort him when he feels unsettled.

– Saying goodbye temporarily to his toys and room is sometimes quite appreciated by a child, as it makes him realise that he is not going for too long and is coming back to his usual setting afterwards.