Keeping your child warm and protected in the mountains

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To ensure that your child is well protected during their stay in the mountains, here are a few simple and effective tips we brought together: 
IMG_0251– Protect your child from the cold: always make sure that your children are wrapped up warm. It is advisable to equip them with three layers of clothing: it is more effective to wear three thin layers than only a thick one. Ensure that you do not forget their ends, with the head covered in a warm beanie; the hands wrapped up in waterproof mittens and for the feet, warm, thick socks in snow boots with a firm grip. Little tip: bring a spare set of mittens and numerous pairs of socks, to avoid having to wear damp clothes back on.

Children’s eyecare: A child’s eyes are even more sensitive than an adult’s one. It is fundamental for children to wear sunglasses for maximum protection (3rd or 4th category), as even when the sky is grey and that the sun is hidden behind the clouds, the reverberation of the sun is particularly strong on the snow and on mountain heights, making the sun rays less filtered.

– Take care of your child’s skin: Never let your children go out without sunscreen (with a minimum sun protection factor of 30) and do not hesitate to reapply several times during the day. At night, do not forget to keep your children’s skin moisturized using a hydrating body lotion or cream as the cold doesn’t do any good to younger skin.

With all these precautions, your child will be able to enjoy all what a stay in the mountains has to offer without any hassle!