Free Online Professional courses

The Covid-19 situation has had an impact on preschools and some teachers have had the great initiative of offering a suite of free online and quality short courses on everything from Fire Safety and Food Safety to Manual Handling and even on Loose Parts Play. Training courses that could be very useful to you as […]

Activities for children during lockdown

It lasts, it lasts, this second lockdown! And you, as a French speaking Nanny, are seriously starting to run out of ideas to entertain the children in your care? Here is an article that will give you some ideas that should keep them busy!

Museums for Kids in London

What is more fascinating as a parent or French-speaking nanny than to see a child grow, to see its intellect develop? But building their culture and openness to the world is one task that might seem rather overwhelming. Indeed in this golden time for screens, how can one interest a child to history, art and […]

The Survival Guide For Specially-Abled Kids

We are always happy to read comments giving us feedback on our blog. We write these articles to give help and advices and it is nice to see they speak to many of you.  Following our article on “how to prepare to parenthood when you have a disability” (, we received a very nice answer […]

Online Educational Activities That Kids Love and French speaking nannies Approve

There’s no question that playing outside is ideal for kids of all ages, but it’s not always possible. When the weather outside is unfavorable, children retreat indoors to pass the time until the skies clear up. The internet gets a bad rap as a tool for keeping kids occupied, but it can be productive and […]

How to protect children from the sunburn ?

A sunburn is not the best souvenir we have from the summer but is the easiest one children can bring back if we don’t pay attention. We have to always make sure the youngest are protected since, as we all know, sun can do real damages. But in another way, we know also how beneficial […]

How to end mealtime battles with the children?

As a French speaking nanny, you may know this moment: when it’s time to eat but the children keep playing rather than coming to seat at the table. Mealtime can be stressful: if the dish do not taste as the kids want, it can quickly become a hard fight. Don’t worry, you are not the […]

How to get children to bed, when parents are not around?

It’s 7pm, time to go to bed. But for some reasons, the kids become more and more excited, they want more hugs, more kisses, they have so many questions… And instead of having a quiet evening waiting for the parents to come back, you’re ending up by begging them to go to bed. Sounds familiar […]

How to prepare your children for school days ?

It is the end of the school holidays, it’s time for you to come back to work and for your children to return to school. And we know that the separation can be very complicated… Don’t worry, your French speaking nanny may have some solutions to deal with your kids’ tears and avoid you to […]

How to introduce books to children?

What a pleasure to open a good book and to plunge into it ! But in our modern world, ruled by screens, we see more and more the children opt for TVs or Ipad when comes the recreational hours. As a parent, or a French speaking nanny, you can help them develop their taste for […]

How To Prepare For Parenthood when You Have A Disability

Written by Ashley Taylor   There are more than 4.1 million parents with disabilities in the United States, a number that continues to rise as more war veterans return home. If you fall into this camp, there are a few pre-emptive measures you should take before the baby comes into your life, so that the […]

Cooking with children

Cooking with children, what a wonderful activity ! It will not only make you share a great moment with the children but also allow them to develop all their senses : taste, sight, touch, smell and even sound. When cooking with your children, leave them feel and smell the ingredients, explain the colours (in French!), […]

Children and screen !

Nowadays, digital media are more and more used and present all around the world; but is it very good for children? For a lots of pediatrics, digital exposure for children should be limited : For children between two to five years old to one hour per day; For children aged of 6 years and older, […]

Holidays are not that sunny ? here are some “weather-proof” activities in London !

We would never be scandalmongers but London might not be as sunny as other holidays destinations might be… No homework to do, no planning to follow, as a French-speaking nanny you might have to deal with rainy days and excited children at the same time. You certainly told yourselves that you tried and did all […]

Dietary diversification for children between 1 to 3 years old !

From one year old, children are trying to eat the same things as adults but which type of food is allowed for children to eat at this age ? First of all, children between 1 to 3 years old need four meals per day: the breakfast, the lunch, the snack and the diner. It is […]

How to manage children tantrum ?

Who never had to deal with a proper tantrum in the street or in the supermarket?  Yes, let’s say it, it is every French speaking nannies‘s nightmare. You probably already have your own way to manage it but do you know every little tricks? If you are interested by the origins of children’s tantrum and […]

What to do with children during a 3 days bank holiday weekend ?

This weekend will be longer than usual thanks to Monday bank holiday and luckily the sun will be shining!!!!! French nannies or parents you have to catch this occasion to organise activities with you little ones. Have a look on the nicest kids activities proposed by London city:

How to be a greener parent !

As French speaking nannies or parents we are examples for children. They are discovering the world as we show them. Our friend the nature needs helps today. It is why we are very concerned about ecology. If you desired to be planet lover’s example for your kids we can help you. Be green is about […]

How to thank your child’s teacher

Monday to Friday our little ones older enough to go to school are in the kindly hands of school teachers. They are part of the parents/nannies team and devoid their career to children. They have your children interest in mind every day. We all have a favorite teacher that we always will remember as he […]

How and where to celebrate Easter with children !

Easter is coming very soon and your children (or the children you are taking care of) may be dying now to see the Easter bunny going out of his hole and distribute the delicious chocolates. This celebration holiday is a perfect moment to enjoy a lot of activities together. From the preparation of the Easter […]

How to improve Homework’s time !

After school comes homework’s time and it is not the favorite moment of your children or the children you are in charge of. So how can you make it more productive and not lasting hours ? This moment is important for them and their studies, it can also be a special time to share. You […]

How to travel in the best conditions with your kids ?

Holidays, weekends or short family vacations often mean travels. By boat, car or plane you have to organize the trip. And as parents or nanny you also have to manage the children at the same time. Travels can be exhausting for your body and your nerves, but it’s not hard to imagine how much it […]

How to make your children love vegetables ?

Carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes (…) are not the best friends of your children ? Don’t worry, you are not an exception. Do you remember the cartoon “Inside Out” and how Disgust reacts to brocoli ? These (and plenty of other) vegetables have indeed a bad reputation in children world and sometimes all excuses or screams are […]

How to protect your children image on internet ?

Taking a picture of our children having a funny or cute moment is always pleasant and usually we can’t wait to share this moment we caught on camera with our family and friends. Indeed, it has become the quickest way to share and update our dear ones on our family. But careful, once it is […]

10 Museums in London that children will love !

Winter is still here, the nature is waiting for the spring to grow flowers and green trees but that shouldn’t stop the young and the older ones to go out and enjoy the cultural London ! As a French speaking nanny or as a parent you might ask yourself : What to do outside with […]

Efficient Tips to Keep Your Kids Cold-Free

A new year has arrived and has brought back with it an old tradition: getting a cold. Winter could be a magic time when you (or the children) are not paralyzed by this well-known fun-killer. How to protect the little ones from it ? What are the risks and the solutions to cure it well […]

Delicious Christmas treats to cook with children

Since last Friday, your children are in Christmas holidays and, to entertain them, you are looking for new and fun cooking activities. Do you manage to find what you are looking for? Because, we have found for you and your French speaking nanny, 11 Christmas treats recipes to cook with children. From mini-marshmallow men to […]

24 Christmas tree ornaments to do with children

The indispensable element for Christmas celebration is obviously the Christmas tree. And, what is more essential for a family than decorating the tree, parents, children altogether? In order that your Christmas tree does not look like any other, you can propose to children to customise it through handmade decorative objects! Indeed, we have found, for […]

KORU KIDS: the easiest way to arrange nanny share between families

When looking for a French speaking nanny to take care of your children, have you ever thought, as parents, about a nanny share? If you already have, you might have struggled finding another family (geographically close to your home and with the same criteria) but also organizing details and finally given up the idea. Do […]

Wait until Christmas with DIY Advent calendars

Christmas will arrive within a month! And for everyone (children and adults) waiting till this particular date might be tough. So, to help children you are in charge of to wait patiently, why not propose them to make their own advent calendars ? You know, this little calendar filled with surprises (chocolate for most of […]

10 entertaining and international activities for children

As a French speaking nanny, you love entertaining children you are in charge of by proposing them playful and educational activities. However, always finding new fun activities can quickly become a challenge when you have already exhausted all your creative ideas. Why not proposing them other countries’ traditional games? Well, we have found, for you, […]

How to solve toddlers’ common sleeping problems

For you or your French speaking nanny, bedtime can be a challenging moment when your lovely toddler suffers from sleeping disorders. Feel reassured, these trouble are quite common for children of this age. Thus, we have found an article giving you tips and advices from specialists to help you solving these common sleeping problems. Is […]

30 healthy recipes for lunch

As a French speaking nanny, you always have to pay attention to health and wellbeing of children you are in charge of. Indeed, the meals that you have to prepare for them must always be healthy. However, we know that it is sometimes challenging to propose new recipes, especially for lunch. Thus, we have found, […]

36 gorgeous Halloween costumes for children

Here it is, next Monday, the 31st October, everybody will celebrate Halloween and you will likely, as a parent or as a French speaking Nanny, go with children to ask the neighbourhood for “Trick or Treat”. However, before this famous evening, your children will ask you a wonderful and frightening costume for this event and, […]

How to prepare Halloween with children in London

As you might have seen in the streets, people are decorating their houses for Halloween, the well-known scary celebration. You may wonder, as a French speaking nanny, which activities you could propose to children in order to keep them waiting for the 31st October. Here is presented an article proposing diverse activities with children in […]

Enjoy Autumn Break with fall crafts!

Autumn break is coming soon and you may start thinking of funny and entertaining activities you could propose to your children. Why not proposing them autumn crafts? Well, we have found, for you and your French speaking nanny, 25 funny autumn craft activities to do with children. From ‘acorn owls’ to ‘apple play-doh’, your little […]

Tips for sewing with children

It can happen that, watching you sewing her/his favourite outfits for Halloween, the child you are in charge of may asks you how to sew. Hence, you may wonder: how can I, as a parent or as a French speaking nanny, teach her/him the good techniques and gestures in stitching? Here is the solution. Indeed, […]

Origamis, a stimulating activity for children

Which child never stay amazed in front of these beautiful paper-made geese wishing to be able to do them? This art, which comes from Japan, is called ‘origami’ and means the art of paper folding. It is a relaxing activity that involves patience and dexterity. Though it may seem, at first sight, that it is […]

Enjoy rainy days : 20 fun indoor activities

Finding new activities for children when it is raining outside can be a real challenge for parents and nannies. Indeed, how can we keep children stimulated and interested when the house is their only playground ? We have found for you or your French Speaking nanny a list of 20 funny indoor activities for both […]

Childcare Choices: Weighing the Pros and Cons of Nannies versus Nurseries

The start of the school year is coming and as a parent you may struggle to find the right childcare. More families than ever are exploring child care choices and weighing all the financial, logistical and emotional decisions that come with them. Let’s figure out together the pros and cons of those three childcare possibilities […]

Tips for Getting Kids To Clean Their Rooms

For you parent or for your French speaking Nanny it can be challenging to keep things clean and tidy, especially when you’ve got young children at home but it’s not impossible. In fact, we may have find a solution for you. Let’s check together some tips for getting kids to clean their rooms  : Tips […]

Feeding issues in babies

We received an email from a French speaking nanny asking for tips regarding baby reflux. Indeed, bringing up milk after a feed is very common in babies. It’s known as reflux, posseting, or regurgitation. Some babies bring up a lot and others very little, but in general mild reflux in babies is perfectly normal. Reflux […]

Getting children interested in gardening

Gardening is an healthy and unexpensive way for children to learn and have fun at home with their French speaking nanny. Here some suggestions to get children involved and interested in creating a garden:   Keep it simple. Give children their own garden space. (This does not have to be big. You can start with […]

Nanny Boundaries: When is a relationship too close?

When you as a parent and your children spend so much time with your French speaking nanny, she becomes an integrated and important extended member of the family. Children and parents can get incredibly emotionally attached. However, such situations can be complex, and as an employer you should be prepared to set some nanny boundaries. […]

Getting children interested in gardening 

Gardening is an healthy and unexpensive way for children to learn and have fun at home with their French speaking nanny. Here some suggestions to get children involved and interested in creating a garden: Keep it simple. Give children their own garden space. (This does not have to be big. You can start with a […]

Ready, Set, Splash! 10 Water Games for Kid

Summer is here, and finaly temperatures are getting hire. This is the perfect moment to organise outdoor activities with children. In order to get fun and refresh everyone, your French speaking nanny may entertain children with easy water games and activities. Check out to give you some ideas: 1.  Water Balloon Spoon Races:  Fill up […]

6 Signs Your Child Needs a Tutor

As a parent you may wondering, when is it time to look for outside help for you children? Watch out for these factors, which will determine whether your kids needs a French speaking Nanny with a tutor background. When children have increased studies and busy family schedules, individual teaching can be a tremendously productive addition […]

Educational Summer Activities

What you gonna do this summer with your children when your French speaking nanny is away on holidays ? You still have no idea ? If you’re not willing to spend extra money for summer camp but want the kids to enjoy a fun and carefree summer, consider putting together a calendar of activities they […]

Children and sports: Choices for all ages

As a parent or a French speaking nanny you may wondered wich sport will suit the best your children. Indeed, according to the age and the developpement of the children, this is prefarable for a children to choose  a sport over another. With your encouragement and support, chances are a few sports will spark your child’s […]

It takes a village: Health and wellness for pregnancy and new families

Save the date ! Thursday, 9th June of 2016,  from 10:30 to 13:30 our wonderful partner &Breathe organise an event  in London ( N8 8JQ) especially for new mums and mums-to-be. The wellness event for new mums and mums-to-be, designed to help you through your pregnancy and parenting journey: Get your children’s health queries answered in Q&A sessions with experienced and […]

Bilingual school expands to take pupils from nursery up to age 18

As a parent you may wondering what is the main interst of having a French speaking nanny for you children. As you probably already know during the past few years the number of bilingual school skyrocket in England. Thus hire a French speaking nanny can definitly be a good way for your children to start […]

Best Educational Toys & Games for Kids

Finding the perfect birthday gift for the children you are in charge is always a dilemma. Indeed as a devoted French speaking nanny you always want to find a toy which will combine fun and education. 😉 So, let’s find togther wich children ‘s toys will fit them. Engage the budding scientist with toys that […]

Healthy food kids will love

For many parents and French speaking nannies, buying and preparing healthy foods is not always an easy task. Parents and French speaking nannies can often wondering if their child is getting enough nutrients. That’s why feeding children can be one of the most satisfying and stressful parts of parenting, nanning – and most of us […]

What impacts have screens in the lives of our children?

Nowadays children from 3 to 10 years old spend around 3 hours per day in front of screens. Screens have definitely overrun our homes since fifteen years. What do you think about this new behavior?  Firstly, it is proven that that screens alter concentration, which is felt at school. A study published in the journal […]

Massage, Nutrition & Fitness Personalised for You! Claim your Special French Nanny Vouchers!!

Discover a complete Approach to Personalised Health & Wellbeing Post-Pregnancy with our Partner OXY THERAPY . Don’t keep putting it off, prioritise Your Health and get the right support you need now! OXY THERAPY offers a range of Massage, Nutrition & Fitness Services either on a programme basis or a one-off basis in Angel Islington […]

Six Simple Secrets to a Successful Play Date

Being a French speaking nanny or a mother is a daily challenge, you always need to be creative, organise and patient. Each day you try to find new original activities to keep the kids stimulated and occupied. That’s why we are sure that you probably already thought about organizing a play date with few of […]

Top ten museums in London for kids

In few days your children will be completly free during all the day. Indeed, the winter school break will start ! You are probably struggle yourself to find which activites you will do with them and how you will succed to mix culture and fun ? Did you think about museums ? London have several […]

Happy Mother Day’s

This Sunday 6th of March we will celebrate the mother day. All the team of French Nanny London wish an Happy Mother Day’s for all the moms !!  

French Children’s Books

  We can count a plenty of french children’s books funny and easy to understand. Children’s books are good tools for your children to build up and develop is French comprehension skills first. These books are often quick, easy, full of pictures, fun and absolutely charming. We are sure that your children will be please […]

10 of the best family ski resorts in France

The ski season already strat however with the beginning of holidays you are probably wondering which stations are the best for your familly and your French speaking Nanny. Let’s figure out with the ranking of the 10 best family ski station in France. In most families, the level of enthusiasm and competence on the slopes […]

Comedy Club 4 Kids!

What could a French speaking nanny do with children during a winter Saturday afternoon in London ?… Why not go to a Comedy club…for kids ?! SOHO Theatre will host the COMEDY CLUB 4 KIDS from February to May 2016, which proposes stand-ups and sketch acts for kids of 6+, and without any rude words […]

Launch of French Nanny NEW YORK !

After the success of French Nanny London, we are delighted to announce the launch of French Nanny New York! The agency has been established overseas to offer our services to New Yorker’s families who are looking for French speaking nannies for their children. French Nanny New York has already have a large portfolio of qualified […]


Children have just gone back to school and for some of our French speaking nannies, it’s time to support and help them to study for their next key stage exam. What does it mean exactly? There are 4 different key stages during a child’s education in England. In the final year of a key stage (that […]

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We are coming to the end of the year 2015 and we are now looking at welcoming a brand new year. We would like to send our best wishes to all of you lovely supporters, parents and hardworking French speaking nannies who have made the year 2015 a success for French Nanny London. We wouldn’t […]

Christmas recipes for kids!

Christmas is coming…it’s time for our French speaking nannies to cook friendly cookies with children! Good way of spending warm moments with kids before Santa’s arrival. Moreover they will be so proud of their cookies and so happy to show them to their family or even to give them as a present ! For the […]

Winter is coming…some advice to keep children healthy!

As you may have notice, winter is coming and the cold and illnesses that go with it…Children are especially exposed and very vulnerable. So how could French speaking nannies take care of kids and prevent them from getting sick ? There are several ways to keep them healthy. Obviously, the very first thing you could […]

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland is now open!

Winter Wonderland is coming back in Hyde Park and is opening until the 3rd of January 2016. One of the best and fun way for French speaking nannies to enjoy Winter with children and take them in a magical Christmas atmosphere! The entry is FREE as well as few attractions such as Santa Land and […]

INTO FILM FESTIVAL, free celebration of film and education for children across London !

The world’s biggest film festival for the 5-19-year-olds is taking place in London until the 20th of November. A good way for French speaking nannies to introduce classics to kids like Pinocchio as well as new blockbusters like Paddington, Sponge Out of Water, Home, Minions, and also less-known films and documentaries for older children. And […]

An easy way for French Speaking Nannies to paint kids face !

Halloween is coming soon and kids would be happy to dress up as a skeleton, a vampire, a spider, a black cat or anything which will cross their mind ! But don’t believe that you need to be an artist to make an Halloween face painting. Some paint, a bit of water, one sponge and […]

A funny Halloween free kids activity for any French speaking Nannies!!!!!

Kids will have so much fun in the Greenwich Market during the Halloween day, 30th october 2015. Kids and family will start at 1pm with a monster much dance and carry on with hoola-up, Halloween face painting in gore store, dog and frightened fashion show. Kids can get a chance to win a prize for […]

Amazing place for any French Speaking Nanny !

Have you ever heard about Kidzania at Westfield London Shopping Center ? It’s a cheerful place for any children from 4 to 14 years old to make friends and play role game. It’s also a great opportunity for them to get know the variety of job there is and a step to decide what to […]

L’équipe French Nanny souhaite une bonne rentrée scolaire à tous nos petits Londoniens !

7 fun ideas of Outdoor Activities

It is proven that children will loose up to two months’ worth of reading and math skills over summer vacation. This is the reason why we wanted to share with you some great ideas which will help your children to keep their knowledges from school year and which may seduce them. Why don’t they try […]

The Science Museum

How learn in a playful way to maintain a small school link during holidays? The Science Museum is the perfect compromise for children! Come to discover and enjoy their current exhibitions and do not hesitate to spread the world to other French speaking nannies You can plan your visit just here  

London Notting Hill Carnaval 2015

Join us for the famous yearly parade of “London Notting Hill Carnaval 2015”   Every year, the London Notting Hill Carnival attracts more and more people, coming from the whole world. Groups of musicians and dancers play on mobile stages according to the strong noise of the amplification systems and the traditional drums. London Notting […]

Summer activities for Kids in Supercamps !

Please your children and register them in a summer camp while your french speaking nanny is away It often happens that a nanny goes on holiday during summer and that you need a fast solution for your children. In this case anticipate your children’s holidays , in a funny and playful place, where they will […]

Callan School London

Learn English in a quarter of the time at Callan School London ! Callan School London is a leading English Language School based on Oxford Street. Callan School London is the flagship of the Callan Method, a unique method designed specifically to improve a student’s listening and speaking abilities and which has demonstrated its efficiency since 1960. […]

Secret Garden London

Discover amazing mysterious places in London. Save the date : Saturday, June 13th and Sunday, June 14th, to bring your children in secret Gardens, that are not regularly open during the year. It’s an incredible experience to share with your family. If you want to schedule your weekend please click on the below link.

Festival of love

DON’T MISS THE FESTIVAL OF LOVE IN SOUTHBANK CENTRE From 6 June to 31 August 2015 During 3 months, Southbank Centre will be full of life thanks to the Festival of Love. Every day, activities, music, performances, and interactive artworks will be set up to entertain young people as well as older ones. Bring your children with […]

Selfie contest with Shaun the sheep

New idea of activity to do with the children French Nanny challenge you to a picture contest. Rules: Take as many selfies as you can with Shaun the sheep and the children you’re in charge. Share pictures with us on our page !! tips: you can download the app to find all sheeps in london. […]

Because being a mum is quite a hard job… so all mums deserve a surprise !

Get right to mum’s heart : make her fall for you once more !   Because each day is different… Because you love your partner… Because being a mum is quite a hard job… Why not give her a surprise or create something special for her ? She loves good food and more particular home […]

Mother’s Day Crafts Ideas for Kids

Nannies… Get involved the children you are taking care and plan an afternoon crafts for Mother’s Day ! If you are currently looking after babies, toddlers or children, you would find the perfect crafts here. For the smaller… Any handsprint are perfect for the little ones hands… For the older… Kids’ creativity will bloom when […]

Chinese New Year, family festival day

You don’t know what to do this Saturday?  We find out a really great activity for your family, the Chinese New Year at the National Gallery!!! Discover lots of funny activities like the  » Musical Magic carpet », or the « Little bunnies Mandarin ». You can also learn how to play a variety of ancient Chinese instruments. Spend […]

What’s on for kids this month ?

                  You don’t know how to make your children care about history? Take them to the fantastic Natural History Museum. You will travel through time and space by discovering lots of exciting, interactives and educational exhibits. The museum is divided in 5 themes: Ecology, Dinosaurs, Nature, Minerals,and […]

Skiing with children

Planning your first family skiing holiday? It will still be skiing, but just not as you knew it when you went with your mates. Skiing as a family is not simply a question of cutting back on the apres ski. Taking children to the slopes involves a lot of clobber (we’re talking skis, poles, helmets, […]

Laundry: How to get the kids involved!

When you’ve got a few children around the house (and maybe a big kid to look after too!) laundry can become a major chore. No one wants to spend all day sorting the coloured sheets from whites and checking pockets, but sometimes it can feel like it’s eating up all your spare time. The trick […]

French Nanny Closing during the Christmas holidays

The French Nanny agency will be closed from Monday 22nd of December until the Monday 5th of January 2015. Our team wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Christmas in Trafalgar Square 2014

Until the 23 December, come and join the celebrations in Trafalgar Square for the Christmas tree lighting, carol singing and the blessing of the crib. The countdown to Christmas starts with the lighting of the world’s most famous Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square. The Norwegian Spruce is a gift from the people of Norway to […]

The best Christmas tree decorations for children

Children around the world are pining to deck the halls and decorate trees. From homemade decorations to personalised keepsakes, here are the best Christmas decorations for kids. Decorating the Christmas tree with your children is one of the festive season’s most enjoyable rituals. Why not make it extra special this year with some baubles your […]

Messy adventure holidays for the whole family

Are you currently planning the next holiday for your family, trying to figure out where to head with the kids to keep everyone happy? If your children enjoy all kinds of outdoors messy play ideas, you should definitely take the hint and take the entire family on a messy adventure holiday. You need a break […]

How to clean the kitchen

Cleaning the kitchen can be challenging enough if it’s just yourself, but if you’re looking after kids too, it can quickly become a daunting task. After all, no one enjoys putting food in inappropriate places more than children do. If you’ve found yourself struggling to get your kitchen back to its original state before, have […]

Let’s go to Winter Wonderland !

Christmas is on the horizon and from mid-November to early January a part of Hyde Park close to Hyde Park Corner is transformed into a Winter Wonderland for all the young visitors across London. Meet Santa and his helpers at their grotto at the bandstand in London Hyde Park and discover beautiful Christmas presents you’d […]

Housework Made Easy

Whether you’re a parent or a nanny, household chores often get in the way of having fun with your family. If you’ve just come home from work or running errands, the last thing you want to do is housework – especially when you could be spending those precious hours bonding with your children or playing […]

Fun Activities For Kids To Do In The Garden

With summer just around the corner, it’s a great time for kids to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air! While many of us are naturally concerned that our children may choose to spend their time indoors on computers, most kids love to be active, use their imagination, and enjoy getting out into the garden […]

Sleep Disorders in Children

Is your child having trouble sleeping? We all know that restful sleep is necessary to heal and repair the body. But recent health reports suggest that many children in the U.S. are chronically sleep deprived. For instance, in a National Sleep Foundation (NSF) poll, researchers found that more than two out of every three children […]

Supporting your child at school

Children can achieve well at school when their family and friends take an interest in their school and schoolwork. Getting involved in your child’s education, even in the simplest way, shows that you care about their school life. Often, the more supported a child feels at home, the more effectively she or he will learn […]

Ideas of fun indoor games

Another rainy day, the kids are getting restless, and you’re fresh out of ideas for things to do? You’ve come to the right place. Here are  fun and simple solutions for that cabin fever: Puzzles Exercise those creative, cognitive and problem-solving muscles with a good puzzle. You can use a store-bought variety or have the […]

7 Foods That Help Prevent Toddler Tantrums

A bag of Revels for breakfast and you’d probably be crashing by 9am. So don’t overlook the impact your child’s diet can have on his behaviour. If he’s regularly flinging himself on the floor, his meals could need a makeover If you’re clued up on which foods have a positive effect on your child, it […]

Battling Infant Mortality

The joy of giving birth is usually accompanied by a sense of wonder while watching a tiny, fragile creature take those first breaths. Luckily, for most new mothers, skilled medical attendants are on hand to make sure that all goes well during and just after delivery. The first 28 days of life — the « neonatal […]

How can pets be benefit for kids

Having a pet is usually a rite of childhood. Whether it is a hermit crab or gold fish, a dog, cat or horse, children enjoy the companionship offered by animals. Did you know, however, that not only can pets be a source of warm, fuzzy entertainment, but they can offer several developmental benefits to children […]

Help Your Child Prepare for Back to School

When summer winds down, it’s time to get ready for a new school year. Buying notebooks and scoping out sales is the easy part. There are less tangible things you can do as well. Here are ways you can help your child — and yourself — get ready to go back to school. 1. Re-Establish […]

Discover Children’s Story Centre

Discover’s aim is to fill children and adults with wonder. The centre also wants to stimulate their curiosity and creativity in a magical environment. The centre offers many programmes such as schools workshops, family art activities ands a literature programme led by children’s writers and illustrators. The Studio is a space where commissioned artists are […]

5 books about starting school to help your children

Every September thousands of youngsters take the first tentative steps on an education journey that will shape their future. Starting or changing schools can be one of the biggest transitions in a child’s life and the first day of school can be intimidating. Many of them feel overwhelmed and anxious and it is perfectly normal. […]

Cook a french speciality with your kids

French food is known globally for its finesse and flavour. There are many regions with their own specialty foods, and the origin of produce is of critical importance. From the simplest crusty baguette, eaten with ripe Brie, to a beautiful Lobster bisque or hearty Boeuf Bourguignon, France is a haven for food lovers. Here is […]

Six-year-olds understand digital technology better than adults – The guardian

They may not know who Steve Jobs was or even how to tie their own shoelaces, but the average six-year-old child understands more about digital technology than a 45-year-old adult, according to an authoritative new report published on Thursday. The advent of broadband in the year 2000 has created a generation of digital natives, the […]

Fun gardening ideas for kids

Want to get your kids outside to enjoy all that nature has to offer? Check out fun gardening ideas for kids that will have them growing their own vegetables, herbs and flowers. Because they’re curious, like to learn by doing, and love to play in the dirt, your children will be pleased to take care […]

10 Tips for travelling with kids

Organising a great family vacation requires a lot of planning, patience and effort. It is essential to know how to entertain kids on the road if you don’t want to be bothered every second. You should stay more focused on what’s important — and less on what’s not. Here are tips for having a great time […]

Kids week is back from 1-31 August

Kids go free to over 30 shows Celebrating its 17th year, Kids Week is back and planning an action-packed month of theatrical fun from 1-31 August. During Kids Week, a child aged 16 or under can experience the magic of London theatre and see a fantastic selection of shows for free. How does it work? Children […]

Kids in London: What’s on this week ?

Living in London or during Holidays, let’s enjoy with your family the specific atmosphere of the city during summer time. With thanks to Time Out London, there are some ideas of things to do on this specific week of July in various lovely and sunny places. CHINATOWN FAMILY DAY – SUNDAY 27 – Chinatown (Tube: Leicester Square) Time Out Says « Chinatown’s […]

Rising to the childcare challenge

Another 10.000 recruits are needed to work in early year’s settings in London to meet the demand from working parents and fulfil government targets on childcare. More under-fives are now in early years education, according to the government figures. Nearly 1.3 million three and four years-old are now in founded early education, a near 10% […]

Tips for organizing a baby shower

Baby showers, predominantly an American tradition where the mum-to-be is literally ‘showered’ with gifts for her unborn baby, are growing in popularity in the UK. What is a baby shower? A baby shower is traditionally a gathering of the new parent’s close friends and family to celebrate the impending arrival of baby. It is also […]

Funny science facts

Read some funny science facts for kids. Children will love the cool, crazy, strange, funny, weird, odd, bizarre and wacky information as well as did you know facts and other interesting info that will help them learn a thing or two along the way. Rabbits and parrots can see behind themselves without even moving their […]

It’s Holiday Time! How to protect your child from the sun

Summer often rhymes with holidays and sunshine for the whole family. During this period where we all put our feet up and relax, we should still ensure that we keep in mind that our children need to be protected from the sun. The skin of your little one is particularly vulnerable. Which is why it […]

Discover an exciting world of amazing animals at Battersea Park Children’s Zoo

Battersea Park Children’s Zoo at London’s Chelsea Gate brings wildlife to the city with many glorious creatures Battersea Park Children’s Zoo is the perfect place to go out with your children during this summer. It is an exciting animal experience that combines a zoo, animal encounters, large well-equipped play area, gift shop and café. The Kids […]

Maternity Open Week-end at Mermaid Maternity Retreat

You have recently given birth and you feel exhausted? Think about Mermaid Maternity Retreat in London! Mermaid Maternity Retreat is a centre of excellence dedicated to the support, health, and well-being of pregnant women and new families. The range of services has been created to help you flourish through pregnancy, get off to the perfect […]

Top 10 Family-friendly Museums in London

Top 10 Family-friendly Museums in London As a parent, you may have difficulty to capture your children’s attention when you take them to museums. So if you’re wondering where to make your children enjoy a little bit of culture while having fun, here are some suggestions: Horniman museum Daily 10.30am – 5.30pm Family Friendly +++ […]

Summer Club at Chelsea and Fulham in July with The Petits Painters

Have a creative child and looking for a fun activity to keep him/her busy during the Summer while practicing his/her French? The Petits Painters offer art lessons in French. ** Summer holiday club ** For age 3 to 6 create, sing and play in French! Drop-off for children age 5+, children age 3 and 4 must […]

Why is it important for babies to sleep ?

New parents are often taken by surprise by their newborn baby’s sleep patterns. And yet, newborns should sleep an average of 15-16 hours per day. Research shows that when babies sleep, their nervous system settles. Babies’ growth rate and sleep time are therefore related.     Sleep and the developing brain: Sleep has been shown […]

New partnership between Callan School London and French Nanny to offer our nannies the best !

Learn English in a quarter of the time at Callan School London! Just arrived in the London? Looking for a job? About to go to University? Preparing for Exams? Want to live here and meet new friends? Discover the Callan Method and learn English very quickly! At Callan School London, they know that making rapid […]


DON’T MISS THE CHILDREN ART’S WEEK From Monday 16 to Sunday 22 June 2014  Every year, the Children’s Art Week gives the opportunity to children to experience visual arts with their parents and to develop their own creativity. This event takes place across the UK for only 1 week in summer.     This year, […]

Forgot about father’s day this weekend?

Don’t worry; it’s not too late to create something nice and quick with your children! French Nanny shows you how to do a handmade gift while having fun with art and craft. Time to create your father’s day card: Require equipment: –          Scissors –          Glue –          Heavy colour paper with a different colour on each […]

Top 10 Family-friendly Hotels in London

Summer is coming, it’s time to have a family break!  Travelling with your kids, you’re going to need some special services and features. London offers a large panel of hotel for each kind of stay, so there is a TOP 10 of family-friendly accommodation to make your life easier. Athenaeum Five-star family hotel. Family Friendly +++ […]

Take your children to the Harry Potter studios!

Harry Potter is well known and appreciated by kids. So why not taking them to the Warner Bros studios to visit the backstage of Harry Potter?  There, they will explore the magic world of one of their favorite character. What you will find in the studios: The Big Room Dumbledore’s office: where you will discover […]

Top 10 child-friendly restaurants in London

When the weather isn’t a its best, you can still afford a warm and lovely time with your family at the restaurant! London, as usual at the top of the cosmopolitan spirit makes you discover cuisines over the world thanks to a large range of restaurant and specialities. As the French Nanny Team knows that finding […]

Top 5 Spring/Summer Activities for Kids in London

01. In the Night Garden Live Kids’ theatre – The O2 / Thu May 29 – Sat Jul 5 Event/Venue contact: 0333 300 0023 – « Step into the magical world of In the Night Garden and see Igglepiggle, Upsy Daisy and Makka Pakka brought to life before your eyes with beautiful costumes, magical puppets, enchanting music and breathtaking projections. […]

Baby & Me and French Nanny partner to provide the best services to families in London

Baby & Me is a professional team totally dedicated to the couple and the child: midwives, doctors, psychologists, nutritionist, osteopath, homeopath, psychomotor, acupuncturist and sophrologist bring their complementary skills to take care of English and French speaking mums-to-be from the desire to have children until months after birth. They especially define their practices by a comprehensive approach, taking into account the couple’s history […]

A French Nanny welcome your children in her new after school-club « Le Petit Conservatoire »

« Le Petit Conservatoire », a new After School-Club for your children! Created by a French Nanny to provide various activities in French language to 3-to-10 years-old kids near to Fulham, this new club will be glad to welcome your love ones from September: please register now to plan a stimulating next school year !

Cats: Londoner’s best friends ?

We usually ear that dogs have been man’s best friend for thousand of year, but what about cats ? ! Mostly appreciated by families and especially by kids because of their playful, cuddly and sufficiently independent behavior, cats are quite famous in London: these cute felines indeed proudly marked the city’s history with some of their owners. ! […]

Punch and Judy in town this week-end !

Punch & Judy is a traditional and popular puppet show featuring Mr Punch and his wife, Judy. The performance consists of a sequence of short scenes, performed by a single puppeteer inside the booth (known since Victorian times as a « Professor » or « Punchman »). Currently emblematic British character’s, Punch and Judy show actually has roots in […]

Raise your child’s awareness about Arts

As we agree at French Nanny about the importance of creativity and open-mindedness for the youngest to grow up in a stimulating environment, we wanted to share with you two amazing books we found about Art, especially made for children. – What is contemporary art? A children’s guide. Jacky Klein and suzy Klein 13 modern Artist children […]

Celebrate the beginning of the Summer Season with your Love Ones

The French Nanny Team wishes a lovely bank holiday week-end to every families The summer season’s starting this week-end should be a special chance for children to enjoy new outdoors activities and for parents to share precious moments with their love ones Let us know about your plans for this bank holidays in London or elsewhere […]

The top 5 museums for children in London

The Horniman Museum: this anthropological museum has a Hands On Base where children can touch museum objects. Also, there’s an aquarium, exhibitions and weekend workshops! 100 London Road, SE23 3PQ The British Museum: there you’ll find the Egyptian mummies that interest most children. Family events are organised during the weekend, and the Paul Hamlyn Library […]

How to boost your child’s creativity

We hope you all spend lovely Easter Holidays! Now children are going back to school, we encourage our nannies as well as the families to keep supporting what children’s learn at school by some friendly activities. We specifically talk about his creative mind which can easily be improved in after schools or during weekends. Creativity […]

Easter Holidays: take your whole family to the Saatchi Gallery with StoryStock

STORYSTOCK is a travelling circus which lands in unusual spaces to bring families stories. Launched in 2013 with a sell-out festival of stories over 4 days at the Bush Theatre in West London, it currently takes place at the prestigious Saatchi Gallery. The idea is to bring the fun to the whole family in beloved places, […]

The top 5 family travel destinations

Spring holidays are just now… If you’re wondering where to take your lovely family on holiday, here are some suggestions:   – Lapland: if you go there during winter, you will enjoy the aurora borealis. Concerning activities, your family can take sleighs pulled by dogs, ski, cheer on reindeer races on frozen lakes, go ice-fishing or […]

News – Early Years Education: Ofsted’s first annual report

Last week ended with the Michael Wilshaw’s launching speech of Ofsted’s first annual report on early years education

Easter Holiday Club: Learn French, paint and draw with The Petits Painters

  Easter Holiday club: Create, sing and play in French!   When? Monday to Thursday 9:30am to 11:30am Start Monday 7th April 2014 Start Monday 14th April 2014   Where? Chelsea – Hall of Remembrance or The Hut SW3 5SZ Cost: £120 for 8 hours of fun, or £40 one off (all material included. Sibling discount please enquire for details)   […]


This week-end is yours, mums! Our French Nanny Team wishes a lovely Sunday to all the Mothers, with a special mention to the London mums! Enjoy this special day surrounded by your love ones.

French Nanny’s tips in « ICI LONDRES »

ICI LONDRES, the famous French-Londoner magazine asked some advices to French Nanny Agency about the Maternity Nurse services this month. You can find the whole article in the March issue with everything you need to know about this practice that you don’t enough hear about: what is the job of a maternity nurse? How the help of […]

Celebrating Mother’s Day every day!

‘Everything I owe, I owe to my mother’. This is one of my favourite quotes. To me motherhood is a dream come true. Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be a Mum, to be called Mama and to have children of my won. It’s a true blessing. Motherhood comes with a […]

Les petits painters

Easter holiday club – 10% off if you book before Friday 7th March Have a creative child and looking for a fun and educational activity to keep him/her busy during the Easter holiday? Create, sing and play in French with The Petits Painters! When? Monday to Thursday 9:30am to 11:30am Start Monday 7th April or […]

How to make salt dough?

Children love to do manual activities when they’re home. So why not teaching them how to make salt dough? Here is how:   What you need:  – 1 glass of salt – 1 glass of tepid water – 2 glasses of flour – food colouring: yellow, green, red, blue   The recipe:  Mix all the […]

London Transport Museum

If you haven’t been yet, try it! The London Transport Museum is great to go on weekends with children! It’s composed by transports copies and tells you about their evolution. Explore the evolution of our famous tube, bus and cabs and see how they actually use to look like! You can observe and even try […]

World Thinking Day

On 22nd February of each year, World Thinking Day is celebrated by Girl Guides and Girl Scouts all over the world.   Their aim is to bring together children from all around the world in order to celebrate international friendships, to raise money and to apply a different theme for each year. The 2014 Thinking […]

Top 10 famous baby boy names

Celebrities always give or have some original names. We have picked up 10 nice ones for you: – Jacob: Hebrew origin – Mason: French origin. – Ethan: Hebrew origin. – Noah: Hebrew origin. – William: English/German origin. – Liam: Irish origin. – Jayden: Hebrew origin. – Michael: Hebrew origin. – Alexander: Greek origin. – Aiden: Irish origin.

The best toys for your children

From 0 to 6 months To stimulate your baby, choose: – things they can hold and play with. Try to choose colorful toys, that make noise, or with different textures. – things that make sound: night-lights with lullabies, or books with sound   From 7 to 12 months At that age, children learn to communicate […]

Imagine Children’s Festival – This week

Southbank Centre is hosting the Imagine Children’s Festival from Monday 10 February to Sunday 23 February 2014. This year, the festival will  host many great names in children’s literature or theatre and art.  But children will be the stars. The festival is made for children to express themselves and to do the show! Many free activities […]

French Nanny in 100% Mag

On the 5th of February, French Nanny was interviewed by 100% Mag, a French program on the national TV channel M6. Phyllis, one of our fabulous nannies, has been followed during a whole day to illustrate how great grannies are with children. Families love them for the experience they have, and they are right! Here is […]

OXY Massage Therapy

Wishing you could escape your Mummy’s role for a short while and get a Relaxing “ME” time? OXY Massage Therapy can do this in the comfort of your home. 10% OFF your first consultation. Special Valentine: Surprise your partner and get him a massage at home. Book 2 hours+ and get the both of you […]

Celebrating the month of Love

As soon as we hit February, all the shops and streets dressed up in red to welcome the month of Love. Although people have always showed mixed feelings over celebrating love only for Valentine’s day, February still gives us all a little bit of giddiness over taking a moment out of our busy schedules and […]

Initiate your children to skiing!

If you are used to spend time in the mountains during winter, you might need to learn your children how to ski.   Here are some advice to give your children a good start in this sport: Talk about it before: prepare your children to their journey. Tell them about moutains and snow sliding sports […]


Nowadays, Candlemas is famous as the crêpes day. This year, we will celebrate it on the 2nd February. Are you ready to cook some crêpes?  Don’t hesitate to tell your children to help you, but always pay attention to them. It will take you less than 10 minutes to prepare, and 5 to cook. Here […]

Bed Time Tips for your Baby

  Once you have changed your baby’s nappy for the night, hold him close to you, in a very secure position: his head well maintened and your arm around him so that he feels safe. Talk to him softly and rock him slowly. Lay him down gently while you carry on talking to him. Make […]

How to decorate your baby’s room in a safe and joyful way?

There are many details to deal with when you’re decorating your baby’s room. It needs to be safe as much as joyful.   Here are some tips to think of: Crib: choose a bed which meets the current norms, and try not to object with strings on or over the bed. Also, it has to […]

Make your own crown for Epiphany!

Start 2014 freshly enjoying the day of the kings with your children. The tradition is eating the King Cake with your family. What a great time to get together again! But in order to have kings and queens, we need crowns! To get your children involved, what about creating your own crown with them? Here is a […]

Keep healthy during the winter

If you feel like you’re coming down with something, there are steps you can take to minimize the duration and severity of the illness. Not always easy in practice especialy when you have young children at home, but still essential, you need to get enough sleep and minimize stress as much as possible.  Your body […]

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We are coming to the end of the year 2013 and we are now looking at welcoming a brand new year. We would like to send our best wishes to all of you lovely supporters, parents and hardworking French nannies who have made the year 2013 a success for French Nanny London. We wouldn’t have […]

Tips on how to manage toys safety at home for Christmas

Ensure that the toy you are planning to buy is age-appropriate for your child.  You should also be really careful and watch out for when the younger ones are close to your older children’s toys, as it could be hazardous to them, especially if they contain smaller pieces. Keep batteries out of reach. Batteries are choking […]

How to decorate safely for Christmas?

Christmas decorations, especially candles and electrical lighting, can be fire hazards, so take a few precautions when decorating for Christmas. Never leave a light Christmas tree or other decorative lighting display unattended. Turn them off before you leave home. Decorate with children in mind. Do not put ornaments that have metal hooks, or look like […]

Enjoy Hyde Park Winter Wonderland with your family !

It is now time to bring your children to Hyde Park Winter Wonderland. This is an annual holiday festival lasting from late November through the beginning of January in Hyde Park. For six weeks, this central London park is transformed into an enchanting wintery escape, with lots of attractions from babies to teenagers and even […]

The role of grandparents in a child’s education

After the parents and the nanny, grandparents have an important role to play in the schooling of the child. Grandparents often provide a softer approach with regards to strictness to the children, as they do not get to see the grandchildren all the time. They allow themselves to be less authoritarian, which does not always […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is all about getting together with friends and family and giving thanks, and French Nanny London Team would like to thank each and every one of you for all your support, likes and shares on our social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter and our Blog. Happy Thanksgiving! French Nanny London

How to prepare for your child’s first sleepover?

Your child is back to school and is making lots of new friends. Soon enough, they are planning for sleepovers, which are a very fun way to spend an evening with their friends: they watch movies, eat pizzas, play board and video games and possibly stay up till late. It is therefore important that you […]

Is your child ready for potty training?

A child normally doesn’t start potty training until he is 2 ½ to 3 years old, as it’s only then that they start to have a more reliable control on their bladder. However, it is important to develop some early physical and cognitive skills from 18 months of age for them to familiarise them with […]

How to carve a pumpkin with your children

It’s nearly Halloween and what better way to add some spookiness and festivity feel to your house than to carve a pumpkin with the children? French Nanny London recommends the following steps to engage your children in preparing for Halloween with you and ensure the maximum fun while keeping safe. – Look for the design […]

Vaccination – The Question By Dr Jayne Donegan

From strongly supporting the UK’s Universal Childhood Vaccination Programme, Dr. Jayne Donegan changed her opinion. Come and hear why, and get information which parents and health professionals should know before deciding if vaccination is the best course of action. There will be an opportunity for your questions. £10 entry. When: Monday 11th November 2013 6.30pm […]

How to make your home safe for your children

Reducing the risks of injury at home remains a big issue for children aged between 1-14. Every year, around one in every four children is involved in an accident at home which is serious enough to require medical attention. Even if it is not possible to avoid all the risks which could lead to an accident […]

Neal’s Yard Remedies – OXY Massage Therapy

Exceptional Offer for Mummies needing time for themselves & pampering: OXY Massage Therapy is running a Massage Clinic at Neal’s Yard Camden (68 Chalk Farm Road, NW1 8AN) Sunday 13 & Sunday 20 October, from 11.30am to 5.30pm 30 mns for £30 45 mns for £40 60 mns for £50 Call the shop directly to […]

OXY Massage Therapy

Exhausted Mummies, always running around for others but little time for yourself? A deeply relaxing massage experience is what you need! We found an amazing French Therapist for you. We’ve worked with OXY Massage Therapy and can only recommend Mummies & Nannies to book a well-deserved relaxation time. Very professional, excellent client care, great variety of techniques, […]

You’re pregnant – What does your growing baby do everyday in your womb ?

Feel your baby moving in your womb is such a joyful moment. But what is actually happening inside your uterus ? The baby is normally bouncing against your uterine walls. He can also do several movements or actions quite quickly, like to suck on his thumb, raise his arm, turn his head on the sides and […]

Recommended sports activities during pregnancy

Practicing sports activities during pregnancy has always been seen as being risky to a mum-to-be. However, when the pregnancy is being monitored and there is no risk linked to the development of the baby in the womb, practicing a sports activity can be very beneficial to help in the well being of the mum. It […]

Spending quality time with your children

It is a proven fact that spending time with your children gives them a backbone to fall back on when growing up. For full time working parents, it is often frustrating to only have a few hours to spare for spending time with their children. However, dear parents, you can now stop feeling guilty. A […]

It’s a boy!

It’s a boy! We have all witnessed the birth of the new heir to the throne this week and we would like to give our heartiest congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate for their new baby boy, George! Prince Harry told the media that he is delighted over the arrival […]

How relaxation can be beneficial for your children

Is your child hyperactive ? Tired and wingy ? It looks like he is the best candidate for a session of relaxation. Tension and restlessness can manifest themselves at any moment of the day, however it very often seem to occur at the end of the day, after a long day at school or after a sports […]

A fun art and French summer club in Chelsea and Fulham!

Looking for activities to do with your little one when the summer holidays start? The Petits Painters summer club offer lots of art and craft activities to develop your toddler’s creativity and fine motor skills. The art and craft activity changes every day and is run around a little routine of « bonjour » and « Au revoir » […]

French-Nanny London gets social! Kensington Mums Event June 2013

Kensington mums held their Motherhood Exhibition event on the 7th of June in the stunning Beaufort House in Chelsea. This event is a great way to mingle with other mums in the area, and share our views on motherhood and our journey as being a parent. The exhibition consisted of a very creative way in […]

Developing the passion for books

The passion for reading is developed by the amount of books a child comes across and reads. Until your child is able to read on his own, and thereafter, do not hesitate to read him all sorts of stories to bring him to a world of magic which is hidden behind every book cover. Reading […]

Adding variety to your baby’s diet

By introducing other sources of energy in your baby’s diet, you start to develop his senses, in terms of taste, the discovery of texture, as well as the smell and colours of food. However, a introducing a new varied diet successfully to your child is not something to take on board without planning. This transition […]

No no no ! What does it mean when your child’s answer to everything is no ?

Your child is saying no to everything and you start to ask yourself what it the best thing to do in this situation. Before everything else, know that this cycle is completely normal and forms part of the normal development of every child. He is going through a phase which makes him oppose to everything […]

The rate of growth in children during their first year

During their first year, a child grows up to about 25cm : a new born measures up to about 50cm to reach 75cm at 12 months. The most of the growth happens during the first three months(3 to 4 cm each month). Until the age of 1, the rate of growth is 2cm per month. As […]

Seperation Anxiety: How to make it easier for your baby

As parents, you realise that as your baby starts to get clingy when you have to leave him, from the age of 9 months old : which is a sign that he is feeling a degree of separation anxiety. At this age, your baby is starting to realise that he loves you and that he is […]

Happy Easter Holiday!

French Nanny London wishes you all a Happy Easter Bank Holiday Weekend! 🙂

Tidying up his room

Tidying up is generally quite hard for children to integrate in their routine. Keeping things tidy can only be learnt and integrated through habit. During the first two years, a child finds this repetitive activity entertaining and looks like another logical way of playing with his toys. It is only when the child hits three […]

It ‘s your child’s birthday ! Our top tips for a stress-free afternoon

It’s your little one’s birthday and it’s time to gather his friends for a party.  Planning a birthday party for the first time can be hectic, therefore we have here a list of helpful tips to make it a fun afternoon for parents and children ! Up until the age of 6, try to limit the […]

We are in Angels and Urchins! London’s indispensable parents’ magazine

Sports: Which one to practice with your child?

It is not always easy for children to choose what sports they would like to practice on their own. As parents, you could propose an activity adapted to his age and capabilities to help him get out of his comfort zone. We have made a list of some of the most practiced sports by children : […]

Reducing the risk of obesity in children

Childhood obesity has become more and more preoccupying during the last few years, with an increase of 16% today, from 5% in overweightness in 1990. This increasing curve in childhood obesity came from a change in eating habits and lifestyle : children eat more and more processed food full of sugar and hidden fat. They also […]

Grab your aprons !

It’s cooking time! Cooking is a particularly fun activity for a child. At the beginning, cooking with a child demands a lot of patience. But soon enough, you start to enjoy these little shared moments and see how fun it is for both of you. Cooking can be done at any age, the only thing […]

Preparing for the arrival of another baby

It can be quite difficult for your child to initially digest the fact that you are having a new baby. Sharing your attention and care is without a doubt the most difficult part to go through by your child. It is essential to prepare him mentally and emotionally before the arrival of the new baby. […]

Soaring nursery costs increases the demand for nannies in London

The costs of childcare are soaring every year as we watch, making a lot of parents wondering if it is at all worth it to put their children in nurseries on a full time basis. The cost of putting your child in a nursery in London has risen by twice the rate of inflation, at […]

It’s Tea Time! : Why it is important for children

Tea time is very looked forward to by children. This afternoon snack is essential to add to a balanced diet adapted to a child’s need. Tea time should incorporate essential nutrients and calcium supply, whether from fresh fruits or healthy snack bars and dairy products. Tea time also benefits to afterschool  physical activities, giving a […]

Travelling by car with a toddler

Practical little things to think of to ensure the safety of your child when travelling by car: – Make sure that you set the lock system on childlock everytime you travel with your toddler. This also applies to the automatic window buttons as children love playing with automated functions in cars, which increases the risk […]

Preparing for a trip

There is quite a difference in what an adult and a child feels when it’s time to go on a holiday. For a child, it means a change in setting and daily routine, and very often, this causes a level of stress, rather than feeling excited for the holiday. Preparing for the change – Keeping […]

Keeping Good Habits

Children, particularly younger ones, need notions on how things should be done in their daily life. It is therefore important to set out the basic rules in their everyday routine : The main rule works around their daily routine, where there sould be a set time for going to bed and for meals. Meal time should […]

Keeping your child warm and protected in the mountains

To ensure that your child is well protected during their stay in the mountains, here are a few simple and effective tips we brought together:  – Protect your child from the cold: always make sure that your children are wrapped up warm. It is advisable to equip them with three layers of clothing: it is […]

It’s half term!

  It’s half term and the children are on vacation. This month, London has loads of exciting events going on for the children, and we have of course, all set out for you. Have a lovely half term week! – Spring time: Make the most of the beginning of the new season by visiting parks and […]

From Mummy and Daddy to Husband and Wife

Parents are always busy and on the run, planning, organising, feeding, looking after their little ones and very often, taking out the extra time to go out on a date with their other half is forsaken by many couples due to tiredness and lack of time. Valentine’s day offers an opportunity for couples to plan […]

A few tips on the activities to organize with the children in the snow

Your holiday with the family in the snow is fast approaching and you are starting to feel the apprehension of organizing your days to spend with the kids. While for the older ones skiing will definitely be the main focus, finding the right activities for babies and toddlers to keep them entertained can actually be […]

Bringing up your child like the French – why it is beneficial for you?

Educating children the French way is getting more acclamation and popularity from people around the world, especially by Americans. It is often wondered how the French manage to incorporate discipline and obedience in the upbringing of their children. French children are always seen as having early nights at a very early stage in their life, […]

Is your child troubled ?

By nature, a child should be happy, bursting with energy and sociable. However, it can happen that a particular event affects a child. A passing, temporary feeling of upsetness should not be very alarming. It is however important to detect any prolonged change in behaviour. In this case, if you see that your child sleeps more […]

How to Overcome Shyness

For children who are generally shy, it can be daunting to integrate and feel part of a group. This can be particularly problematic at school when the group they have to integrate has already been organised and the other children already know each other, whether in a new class, for a new group work, or […]

TV for children – A blessing or a curse?

It is often said that allowing a child to watch the television on a daily basis is not recommended. This is because it can create a barrier to communication with the family if the children get a habit of watching the television at meal times, after school or sometimes even in the morning before school. […]

Ten characteristics super nannies share!

Even if each nanny has her own personality, great nannies have certain things in common. They truly love spending time with children. It seems obvious to say but it is fundamental. Impossible to be a good nanny without liking children. They understand children. Knowing the child’s physical, social and intellectual development comes essentially from a long experience. It […]

Fact of the week – What is a “maternity nurse” ?

After the birth, when you go back home with your newborn, you can take the decision to hire a maternity nurse for few days or weeks to give you an hand with your baby. Your maternity nurse would be there to help you manage daily tasks and give you the opportunity to wind down and […]

What is the nanny’s role in the children’s education?

Establishing guidelines and specific rules for behaviour is nowadays fundamental and widely used by parents at home, whether for bedtime, mealtimes, rewards for good behaviour, as well as to set the actions which may follow if the rules are not followed by the children. These rules are what set the boundaries which need to be […]